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October 27, 2013
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I am a servant of God, no other may command me. by Omnoproxyl337 I am a servant of God, no other may command me. by Omnoproxyl337
:iconreadplz: So here is yet another character sheet! (ill probly be doing Appolion next after this, then her wife Rose) Finally happy with the way she looks and added an extra form because why not right? *ahem* so okay description time, hopefully this will answer any questions you may ask me by reading this.

Her name is Camaela, she was named after the archAngel Camael because her duties and occupation is the same. the seraphim are the highest angelic class and serve as the caretakers of Gods throne and continuously shout praises: "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory!" According to Isaiah 6:2, the Seraphim have six wings: "with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew". The word seraphim, literally "burning ones", transliterates a Hebrew plural noun; translation yields seraphs
    For those of you who dont know who Camael is let me explain you a thing... Archangel Camael, whose name means “He Who Sees God,” is the chief of the order of Powers (the first group of angels created by God to protect the world from demons and guide recently deceased souls to the next life). Camael is an angel of justice and balance. This angel presides over beauty, joy and contentment.
 Interestingly, being an angel of balance is reflected in old folklore surrounding Camael of good and evil. It’s been said he is highly cherished by the Divine, yet at the same time he has been associated with Satan and the underworld. He is also the angel of war, and to the ancient Druids, was a god of war. He was also associated with Ares, the Greek god of war. Not many angels reflect both light and dark. However, his associations with both the light aspects of the Divine, and the dark aspects of the unknown remind us that anytime we are struggling to grow and express ourselves, we may at the same time create conflict, and it is through exploring the darkness within us that we are able to release our fears.
   It is said that each person is born with two angels; one at the right who encourages him to do good, and one at the left who encourages him to do evil. It is through having the opportunity to make these choices that we grow fully into who we are meant to be. Call upon Archangel Camael to help you resolve conflict in your life and restore balance. Archangel Camael, who is also an angel of protection, won’t remove your difficulties, but he will help you to move through them so that you can learn and move forward. Archangel Camael is also an angel of passion and determination, so call upon him at times when you feel you need courage and motivation to keep moving forward to accomplish something that is important to you.Archangel Camael is the patron of firefighters, mechanics, athletes, technicians, surgeons, drummers and martial artists.

Now for the story she takes part in ill try to put it in a nutshell... 

She is the mother of Rico and Victoria incidentally, after God had left the divine realm (heaven) to oversee the universe and maintain balance, that was (in the time frame of the story) over 8,000 + years ago (was around the time Camaela was born and put to her roll in the divine realm) the top 3 angels (still thinking of what to name them) had assumed command over the divine realm and their rule turned into a fascist dictatorship over the angels and souls in order to uphold order and obedience throughout the realm they turned their rule into a 3 man counsel basically, they carry out "the will of god" in their twisted logic they thought they were doing the right thing and turned the divine realm into what they believed it should be. None of the archangels were allowed to leave the realm otherwise they would face imprisonment or even death for the simple reason of controlling and monitoring them and their actions. the big three were very paranoid that they would seek outside help to come and overthrow them and their authority especially if it was God. Camaela's job appointed to her however required her to leave so she basically told them to "piss off" disobeyed their orders and left from there anyway. 
That did not sit too well with the big 3 and they were afraid she had gone to fine God to bring her back to see what had become of the divine realm, as they were going to send angels out to apprehend her Appolion appears (with his own agenda of course) he asked if they could spare him an angel for his business, killing 2 birds with one stone they told him about Camaela and said he can do with her what he pleases as long as he does not kill her and turns her over to them after he does his business. After no time at all he found her, swooned her and then raped and impregnated her only to have her kidnapped and the babies she was carrying cut out and taken from her. afterwards the angels sent by the big three caught up and took her back to the divine realm. humiliated and the pain of losing her children she didnt fight them back, securing their victory the big 3 had her beaten then put in prison for her "crimes" for 20 years, she did not object or protest to this and served time willingly thinking that she had no reason to fight them back, the world she was born into had been reduced to a sorry state, her and the angels and souls freedoms had been taken from them, and God was nowhere to be found while the big 3 were allowed to run ramped...she had been broken.
To insure she could not escape she was strung up on a cross as if crucified and a bit on her head to make sure her senses were cut off from everything going on outside her prison cell a futile as their efforts were because she could still faintly feel what was going on. Around the 19th year she had overheard that Appolion had been killed! She couldnt believe it, who couldve been strong enough to slay a devil king, a monster that commands legions of the abyss and survived well over 100,000 years of life threatening battles, who's power could possibly even rival that of lucifer himself...who did this? She had to know... but she could do nothing in the imprisoned state she was in. through a long drawn out plan she called out to someone she knew she could trust to at the very least damage/remove the bit on her head which seemed rather miniscule to them but to her could be her ticket out. There was a very short time frame and removing it was a delicate process by the fact that she was being monitored by the guards who report directly to the big three. eventually it gets cracked and that is all she needed, her senses had been untied and she could hitch a ride straight out of her cell in an instant through a summoning ritual being conducted in the mortal realm (there are many cases where people try to summon demons after all though most of them dont work for them) her destination was on a satellite planet called Idyllic, an earth like satellite planet orbiting around a gas giant (where my story takes place) where she will go to find out who his killer was. 

so far thats what i got, im still figuring how she will escape again and meet up with her children... i also plan on having a great battle take place in liberating the divine realm from the big 3 in due time! 
After the fight is said and done then they go back to a peaceful somewhat life, Camaela met a woman whom she later gets into a relationship with and later married. still have to iron out the details of that.

:iconlazycryplz: my story telling skills are not that great im sorry.... but to those of you who care enough to read this, thank you.
now you know where Rico and Victoria get their stunning good looks.
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Karnator Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014
She looks great.
Omnoproxyl337 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i agree with you 
Watchuwant21 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
Okay her Seraphim form…

Omnoproxyl337 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Watchuwant21 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
I really can't explain why
Omnoproxyl337 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well okay 
Ribbontail Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
AH MAH GAH I can't decided whether to leave this hefty comment on Victoria's or Rico's ref sheet, go I went with mommy because SHE'S AN AWESOME MOM I wish my mom could've been like her.


You've obviously been doing a lot of worldbuilding and I'm sad I wasn't there to help you with the prompts you dropped on folks (ie trying to find names, etc). But it looks like the world's coming along nicely, and the whole story's finally coming into place. There's history now! And a backstory! And a setting! Those are all important in writing, ahaha. I like that you've given the setting a divine, Christian overtone without pretending otherwise (I hate it when people pull the "mysterious god with spirits/angels BUT IT'S NOT CHRISTIAN YOU GUYS SRSLY" bullshit). You've done your research and drew inspiration well... and gave it an awesomely /YOU/ twist.

Just like the twins, Camaela here is absolutely adorable. It's nice to get some insight into this character's history, and as sad as it is it's a great concept with the Ruling 3, the beaurocracy of the "New Heaven", and all that. Just be sure to not steer her personality into idealistic territory, which is very easy to do with angel protagonists. Haha! Speaking of which, what is her personality? In art she seems to be a sort of, er, dominant (ahaha just like Violet) yet also sort of ditzy woman. She strikes me as the potentially ditzy and derpy type, she just LOOKS LIKE IT. Awwww. <3 And that's my critique for this reference sheet: a bit more organization with the info-text, and more description of her personality and vital stats. The little things matter, too!

I'm absolutely in love with Camaela's design btw. The buxom, heavy, filled-out look is characteristic of your own art but very unique in the void of dA, and it's fabulous. Her head is definitely my favorite part. In her vessel form she's got a pronounced nose/snout and in her seraphim form she's got the sloping face, and overall it makes her look so friendly, wise, but also a little bit world-weary. Poor gal's had it tough but you can tell she's tougher.

Questioooooon! What are the "terms" behind her seraphim-form? Is it power-reliant like her childrens' despair-forms, is it voluntary? Aaaaah either way it's so pretty. :D

(Nice clothing design, too: simple yet elegant)

Good job overall dude, your story and world is coming along well and I can't wait to see more. I'm super eager to see Appolion and maybe even the Ruling 3. It all. Sounds. So. Cool!
Omnoproxyl337 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well any suggestions you may have in would building i would consider very closely since you know more about it than i do, yeah there is new historyyyyyyy in which i am still kinda fine tuning and even though im not one the christian mythology is the most interesting to me given i can make so many heros villains from it (no offence to any christian folk out there of curse). since the personify good and evil in the most popular way XD
as per her actual personality,  in speech shes forward and sometimes enthusiastic, and at times very smooth with her wording. her behavior is rather casual and formal at the same time, she is mostly a free spirit and is understanding to most things, she doesnt get angry often and she never holds a grudge,shes genuinely funny not too much and not too little, and if youre down she will try to cheer you up. however if she deems you unpleasant or a jerk or what ever she will make you feel like the lowest piece of flesh on earth, she normally wouldnt harm even a fly but she will knock you into next week if you push it. so she's more like her son than her daughter :P
i am pretty happy with the way ive designed her has well so thank you for that! she was one of the first angels made so she's seen some stuff happen in her day haha XD
as for the terms of form, i do believe it is voluntary, she is always in that form she has the vessel form for the purpose of hiding her true self from mortal or immortal eyes. 
ive drawn appolion already, posted a head shot of him in my gallery actually, and i have a full body in my computer somewhere, as for the big 3 i dont even know where to start with them... and i am also in a tizzy because i want to design a True form, the form she was in before she created everything, before life itself n stuff... but damn i cant for the life of me come up with the shape of her head or look of her face that fits her or that i like... :iconbigrageplz: ffffffffffffffff :iconhurrdurrplz: thank you for the fangasm inducing compliment though! makes me feel like im doing something right and worth looking at n stuuuuufff

Ribbontail Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013
Oh I agree, totally. I'm not Christian myself, but I grew up with a Witness mother and actually came to love the mythology behind it. I find the religion itself hard to appreciate or love, but as a cultural remnant it's just... superb, absolutely gorgeous. The book of Revelations is my favorite. Why isn't that a movie yet?!?

Thank you so much for the personality breakdown though, much appreciated. Camaela sounds like such a darling character... brash and a it too forward, but friendly and inoffensive. The personality goes well with her personality too. Augh love it! She's too cute and I've gotta draw her someday. We need more voluptuous angel women. <3 It's cool that she's got a more "primitive, true" form too, especially considering that existed back when the fabric of space was, er, newer. If I knew what kind of religious aesthetics your world had I'd love to help you design it! What things did they consider holy or ethereal in their world? (for example, my Kuutamo holds big, brutal-looking beasts to be the ancients; Hiskara-a-aara always viewed holy beings as dainty and adorned in riches) I'd really love to hear more about it... perhaps see a painting or two of their heaven and hell, and what the average angels or even the God looks like? AH I'M EXCITED.
Omnoproxyl337 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
there are so many off shoots of the christian religion trying to be special and different but totally isnt at the core XD
my favorite book of the jesus book was Jobe, just because it gave me the image of God and Lucifer sitting on lawn chairs having a beer together while they troll this guy and God is all like "no matter what you do to him he will still praise me" and lucifer is all like "nuh uhh" and God is all like "go fuck with him and see what happens, do your worst" and then he does and jobe was still loyal to god even though he literally lost everything. the moral of the story... :iconmingplz: the christian God is a jerk.
I would probably die if you ever drew her <3 
as for religious aesthetics... ehhhh i guess itd be about the same as it is in this world since the mortals do not know anything for sure about the divine realm, except angels and demons roam it incognito and mostly undetected, and if they are folks would just consider them aliens (which technically they already are since most of them dont originate from the mortal realm) anything that looks divine (wearing a whole bunch of bling lol) or demonic with powers i guess the would consider holy or damned. the God who created all the things was known as Kun which is this woman…
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