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March 19, 2012
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Arx ref sheet -updated- by Omnoproxyl337 Arx ref sheet -updated- by Omnoproxyl337
just a little teaser of that little race im creating :iconstudmuffinplz:
should be all finished by the end of tomorrow

name, Arx (roll the R)

tribal markings - there are none specific besides the tattoos that they are branded with for every element they may control

teeth shape and how many -image. they have 32 teeth all together ,28 canines and 4 molars

what are natural eye colors - info, their natural eye colors consist of any and every known color

Differences between the male and female -image, Females grow to be bigger than males, however only males grow horns from their heads

How many little glowy dots there are -image, 40 for males and 46 for females they are called Ardere (are-de-dreh)

retractable Claws -image, each Arx are born with curled and retractable claws

sub-species (like how there's souther and northern Sergals), diet, hunting mannerisms -image., there are arx classified from 4 directions they occupy, north south east and west, northerners have the most fluffy pelts and shorter snouts and short ears, southerners also have fluffy pelts and the shortest snouts and ears also the biggest of the species, easterners have short haird pelts and the longest snouts and ears, and the westerners also have short haired pelts with longer snouts and thicker ears.

pupils - image. their puples have similar qualities to that of a cat, in dim light their puples expanse, and then contract in intense light

Breeding habits -info, their breeding habits are naturally seasonal, once or twice a year, however the also fornicate for the sheer pleasure of it to whom ever they might be attracted to. sex is actually more of a social bonding between individuals or to affirm closeness, they do not just fornicate with anyone though, it is similar to humans, god work for it before you get some!

if they shed -info, like most animals they shed seasonally at summer time and gain a new pelt at the end of fall

what their diet consists of - info, they are omnivores even though most of their teeth consists of canines, they have four molars in the very back of their mouth. most of what their diet consists of however are a variety of meats and some plants to help digestion

whether or not the Arx are mammalian or reptilian -info, they are a mammal race and produce milk for their cubs

whether or not they hunt in packs or pods or prides -info, they hunt either individually or in packs, depending on the target kill

if they have something that they shed when they get bigger, (i.e horns) -info, they do not shed horns nor do they grow back if broken off

If there's a specific name for male or females. (I.e Mares, Stallions) -info, Keel for females and boric for males

Whether their born in litters or singular batches -info, it varies from person to person, some may have 6 or 7 cubs and others may only have one or 2 cubs, male cubs do not start to grow their horns until they reach their teen years

sounds -info, they can mimmic ANY sound they hear

how long pregnancy takes -info, conception may last about 8 months, 9 if its more than 2 cubs

pelt colors of either gender - info, they can range to any color on the color wheel, and every Arx has 3 color sot their pelt

Abilities/powers info, their natural abilities consist of bending the 4 main elements earth wind fire water and air to their will along with sub elements that branch from them such as electricity, ice, other forms of gas, and metal or any kind. not all are born with the ability to bend however and even fewer are born with more than one element. 8 out of ten born may control one element. 5 out of ten may control 2. 3 out of ten may control 3 different elements. and 1 out of ten may control all four elements at once, which is a very very rare occasion. however those that do end up becoming a standing leader.

personality on average - info, the Arx are a very cultural and social race, and have a strong sense of compassion and understanding rather than being instantly hostile towards unfamiliar characters though at time their kindness are often taken advantage of. they also have a very good sense of cooperation weather its through planning or signaling through sound or sign language especially when it comes to building and hunting. they are also naturally humorous and comical (enjoy a good laugh) weather its mischievous or telling jokes or acting or even just being plain silly or childishly playful, they can also be very intimate when it comes to dealing with others and may even lightly or heavily flirt, often nuzzling or grooming or hugging etc. they can also be very passionate and caring even if the one they care for dose not have the same feelings, their need to be loyal is an important part of their character as an individual. they also tend to have herms weather its males with more than one female or vic versa.

synapsis: the Arx are a canine type race now residing in a flying fortress they built many generations ago that orbits in the stratosphere of planet Terran. Arx often have strong emotional and blood bonds socially, but can be very naive and overly trusting and some times emotionally unstable. their most noticeable traits are their lux (L-oo-x-uh) the glowing bulges that decorate their bodies and also their high social status

common name, Sunghilo

other names, celestials, celestials, the night lights, the soul eaters

home planet, Fortis (Four-th-is)

height, 136cm to 180cm

weight, 90lbs to 160lbs

life span, 70+ years
they age similar to humans until they reach about 60 then their aging process slows around their middle age years

life expectancy, 136 years

natural habitat, it may vary depending on what direction they may be from.
northern: mountains' region or high elevated areas
southern: cold climates usually, icy planes
eastern: high elevated lush green areas, mostly rain forests or jungles
western: low elevated planes and forests

modern habitat, still a natural setting but slightly reenforced with metal and technological sciences that may allow them to travel through the air and even through space

technical level, advanced

religion, spirites vitae (spee-di- toes- vee- teh)

deity, El mother of Arx

general population, 3billion

intelligence level, can vary from the average intelligence of 108 to 200

strength, varying from the individual it may be from average to below high

dexterity, high

sight, above average

hearing, high

smell, average

taste, average

clairvoyance, high

family love, high

procreation, above average

education/science, high

politics, average

custom/tradition, above average

relationship with local wild life, the Arx are cautious and yet respectful of the natural flow of life and rarely intervene with it, as far as the food chain they are at the top because of their sheer numbers, they could also communicate with some of the wild life and form friendships and even bonds

general culture, the nuzzle or hug is the most pervasive gesture in Arx culture and behavior their society values closeness and also put loved ones, unity and social ties above anything else. much of what they do or behave is with a form of love or compassion, even most of their mannerful behavior may include affection making nuzzling their most common gesture, on average they are mostly passive aggressive, they would rather immobilize than take life. in all actuality they are quite pleasant and reliable in a pinch.
as for their sexuality they are pansexual (or do not have hardly any preference in orientation) males and females alike, the form blood and emotional bonds amongst each other and even engage in sexual relations for the sheer pleasure of it rather than to procreate, for the most part they do not fornicate in public they in a comfortable area where they may not be disturbed ( though that could be anywhere if they're sneaky enough). on average they are mannerful and respectful at best, almost always bowing when meeting or saying goodbye or showing their fullest of hospitality.

arts and entertainment, Arx may be easily entertained by even the most simple things, laughter is a very valued trait among them, they also have a large verity of pastimes, mostly involving their use of bending elements creating some of the most elaborate natural setting ever seen, earth and water benders especially since their elements are solid, as for air benders their craft consist or settings mostly involving fog or the clouds above mostly to swoon a love interest or to create a romantic back ground for others to enjoy, as for the fire benders their craft more involves their culinary skills or preforming arts or assisting with the creation of metal crafts. other pastimes may include gardening, group parties dancing and some times even fornication and lounging while telling stories to one another.

natural attacks, may consist of the use of the four elements. the adults (mostly middle aged) have the ability to "suck out" the life force from an opposing force (or sucking out the soul), their eyes glow with what ever color they may be as dose their mouths and they let out a whispering howl which earned them the nickname soul eaters.

!DECLAIMER! The Arx species/race was created by me. You may not copy distribute or alter this original content without permission by me.
///My species///
* Please add "Speciesİ Raistlin Alston" to your pic or submission page if you make art that uses my species.
*I am not limiting Arx and other my races in personal use. They are free.
*I don't take copyright fee from personal commission.
*I take copyright fee from mass-business use.(Please ask me if you want use them.)
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LavenderLynx-2014 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
neat :)
Omnoproxyl337 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LavenderLynx-2014 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your welcome :)
Ribbontail Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013
HAHA I guess I've already said this in my reply to ya, but I want to thank you very much for the watch! I'm going to watch you right back... ah... as soon as my dial-up stops being a bitch.

Anyways! I really love your characters and species, and the style that goes with them: elegant yet BEASTLY. The Arx race are my favorite so far. I think it's because they LOOK like they're stuffy and mean, but their culture is so gentle and affectionate. Would you mind explaining a bit more about their technology? They're highly-advanced yet still in-tune with their natural world (the elemental bending and all that), so do they merely "mix" the two? I could see the Arx as having one food in nature and another in modern settings. :nod: And have you done any worldbuilding with the Arx's homeplanet, or any other worlds?

Overall very nice work on this species; it's very well thought-out! I've still gotta browse your gallery more thoroughly, but I really like what I'm seeing. Pretty sweet stuff!

(Also, are you really the original creator of the sergals? If so, how cool! I'd always assumed the sergal-creator was just on Furaffinity or something, haha)
Omnoproxyl337 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconfliptableplz: fffffffffffffffffawkin dialup!

and to answer you last question, no im not the original creator. but their maker is a friend of mine though and shes pretty okay with what i do with mine as long as i credit her :icondragonxpplz:

and about the Arx, (though they are still a bit incomplete as far s me creating them) their technology is kind of modernly advanced in a way but not really industrial wise. the best way that ic an explain it really is its through their use of the 4 elements to create structures, and conduct electricity and harness energy through solar power. so yes they thrive in their world without really causing too much harm to it, and their food source is mostly like fish and birds and other small creatures, and sometimes even bigger game (for more meat) they also eat vegetation too just in case they cant get to any meat. world bending. i dont think so, never actually thought about it really. but! since i now have your attention maybe i can get a few pointers maybe? i feel like i got the over all gist of it but i feel like im missing some stuff and you seem to have a better grasp on creating solar systems and species and stuff like that.

also i appreciate that you like my other stuff, thank you very much! <3
Ribbontail Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
Aww okay okay, thanks for clarifying that! I see sergals every here and there but have never seen the creator credited... HUUuuh it's confusing~

And thanks for answering my question, too, and you're certainly welcome! It's cool that the Arx have such a good relationship with their environment-- but hey, if you've got element-bending powers just put 'em to use for energy production! ;D How does their society view their ability to eat souls? Is it a normal thing for them, or is there some sort of taboo or law against it?

Aaaah but when it comes to worldbuilding, I find it's best to start with a single idea. My Aman5 started with the idea "there are these planets thrown into chaos over failed JERK-gods". Then you take the idea and build up from it: set aside races, where each lives (for example, would your other species live on the Arx's world, or next to it, or in another system altogether?), then develop each world individually. To do THAT, you work with a basic geographic idea (what's the world like environmentally), a scribbled up map, and the society. You've already got that last part down, and all your great characters too... I know you can develop the settings. =D
Omnoproxyl337 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well to put it lightly theyre all animals just like the rest of them on their world like we humans are to this planet, theyre just at the top of the food chain, so no theres no taboo about it though they dont generally eat sentient intelligent beings because thatd probly be considered murder.

:iconimthinkingplz: hmmmm, well you have a point there i havnt thought of other species to create that live with the Arx that arent animals, im just super disorganized on certain things heh heh
Ribbontail Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
Aaah okay, I see! It's easy to forget that even sentient races are technically still just animals... hell, even humans are, hehe. But hey, I'm still looking forward to seeing where you go with the Arx and your other species! They drip awesome.

But hey, super-organized is the best way to go if you ask me! It's better than having a bunch of ideas floating around. Speaking of which, I love that you have a list of all your characters-- that's pretty awesome (and I'm still acquainting myself with them... so far my faves are Violet and Oxomoco <3). Have you ever considered doing a size chart or group pic with ALL your characters in one place? That'd be fun: get all them ladies in a row~
Omnoproxyl337 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconohstopityouplz: ohh you and youre flattery <3

ahh :iconspidermanishappyplz: is that so? i just so happen to love those two as well
and dear god thatd take a really long time to do :iconinglipplz: i have so many friggin characters its crazy! but if youre curious on how big Oxomoco is have a look at this [link]
Kuma-Bei Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Student General Artist
This looks awesome! Nice work. Although, I've gotta say that other than the differences in the muzzle and head sizes and maybe some differences in the manes, I don't really see a distinction between the four variations body wise. That might just me though.
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